• Cennik


Price list - Rooms




From: 15th Apr. till 10th Oct. and from 20th Dec. till 06th Jan.

From: 7th Jan. till 14th Apr. and from 11th Oct. till 19th Dec.

Single room

220 PLN

175 PLN

twin room

300 PLN

240 PLN

twin room for one person

260 PLN

210 PLN

apartment (one room for 2 persons)

380 PLN

300 PLN

apartment (3 rooms for 2 persons )

450 PLN

360 PLN

Information about the prices for the Guests from AGH University of Science and Technology may be obtained directly in the Guest House.

There is a bathroom in every room.

Breakfast and VAT included.


Price list - Conferences



1 hour 

Whole day

Conference room (ground floor)

70 PLN

600 PLN

Drawing room (1st floor)

50 PLN

400 PLN

VIP room at the conference room

20 PLN

150 PLN

VIP room at the drawing room

20 PLN

150 PLN




Up to 2 hours

Whole day

Club Room (basement)

200 PLN

500 PLN

Club room while reserving also the conference room or drawing room

100 PLN

300 PLN

 1. Availability

  • for all-day events: from 7:00 to 23.00

  • in case of use per hours the booked room is available half an hour before and half an hour after the event, without an additional charge